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Hi, I'm Justin, an engineer and content creator living the US. Nice to meet you and welcome to List of Niches!

Here's how to use this value-packed resource:

  • View the big list of niches for inspiration on niches to choose from.
  • Check out the Brand Explorer to peruse some authority brands already crushing it out there. Use this for ideas and inspiration on what's possible.
  • Use the Research tool to research niches across all social media platforms at once.
  • While researching niches, leverage OpenAI's ChatGPT right from within the tool to generate and analyze niches, and even rapidly generate post ideas and outlines!

If you'd like to contact me, feel free to reach out with suggestions to improve the tool.

Since this tool is free to use and costs me time and money to build/maintain, the biggest way to say thanks is to spread the word on social media and YouTube.

I hope this resource helps you in a big way, and happy researching!

Yours truly,


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