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"Get the MegaList of Niches for the Internet Niche Marketer in one quick download. Almost a quarter-million Online & Offline Niches and MicroNiches are awaiting. NEVER run out of niche money-site ideas and never ponder how to find a niche again."

••• A Claude "Code Angry" Adrian Project •••

Dear Fellow (or Future) Internet Marketer:

(Read the first paragraph before labeling this site as IM GURU BULLS**T. Then go on...) 

You're about to get the only LIST that will change your Niche Marketer life. I strongly encourage you to read everything on this page. Be advised that this is not your average Internet Marketing GURU hype product. I know you're generally disappointed with all the over-promising and under-delivering digital products out there but this is different. Wanna know why?

Because I'm not an Internet Marketing Guru! I'm a Technical Web/Software Developer Connoisseur that provides tools and not techniques. Techniques come and go but tools live forever and can be molded in anything you require. I rely on and believe in the creativity of my customers to use the tools in ways I sometimes don't envision when designing them to make money or run businesses online.

This is why I'm awesome. Because I'm not a gold digger, I'm a coder and an INTP who don't bulls**t people into buying worthless crappy products.

Now that I got your attention, let's get on to the actual product.

What is Niche Marketing and Online Niche Markets?

Even if my goal is not to explain niche marketing here I will give you a run-down and the basics and I will point you in the right direction later on. Right now let's understand niche marketing. The best way to do it is to associate the concept of offline situations.

Your local Mall or superstore IS NOT niche marketing while your local butcher IS niche marketing.

What?!?! A Mall covers a wide range of products. Even if it has a wide variety of products, it can have conversion problems as many choices lead to no choice. Niche marketing is the opposite. A Niche Marketer targets a specialized market, learns it, understands it and then, when he breathes that market he takes it by storm and brings it down to his feet. Niche Marketers are snipers. They are the elite. They are not your average trigger-happy kid that takes a machine gun and sprays the entire enemy base hoping for a kill. They are patient, they stalk their enemy and only take out those who pose the greatest threat. With one single kill they can change the outcome of a battle.

That's what you have to become. An internet marketing sniper. An expert that can find hidden treasures, smaller under-saturated markets and take them over. Niche sites are specialized sties to a certain target audience with a certain interest. You focus on something and you become great at that thing. And then you do it all over again. Expanding your niche portfolio and your profit streams.

If you focus on everything you are just fighting your way into an outstanding mediocrity.

Brothers and Niche Affiliate Marketing. True story!

Several months ago I decided it was time to teach my brother into the way of the Internet Marketer. That after I tried to get him to write code and failed miserably. So I explain the online niche marketing concepts and then I gave him a day to pick a niche and prepare for his first Affiliate Marketer site. Several hours later he asks me where to start. The internet is indeed big and a lot of stuff is for sale so I give him a gentle push towards the Amazon Best-Sellers list.

Fast forward few more hours he comes to me wearing a grin of self-satisfaction and he tells me he nailed the niche. He picked the winner. OK... I'm all years, I said. And he says: digital cameras. I burst into an uncontrollable hysteric laughter while he was staring at me in confusion. I visit the Amazon Best-Sellers and guess what, digital cameras were first on page. I was actually amazed it took him hours of research to figure that out and pick the niche.

After a manly talk in which I asked: You know what is or is? Do you? Punk! I knew, he didn't. So I told him the bad news. Digital photography is not a niche for a beginner. Picking an enemy that's very strong as your first kill can result in sever loss of confidence if the battle prolongs for way too long. As a beginner you need to build confidence. And you do that by picking achievable internet affiliate goals.

So I ask him. Gimme several other niches you would be interested in? And he says: ... I say: NO! Then .... NO! ... NO! ...NO! It was getting complicated. So I tell him like this. When you're a beginner and think of a niche are actually creating an exclusive list. You are not thinking of niches to promote but actually of those to avoid. You must begin with a niche you never would have thought about.

If you don't have internet affiliate skills, you are only up to date with very popular niches. Avoid them. After you gain some experience and learn to dig, you start finding the gems. So I actually told him the shocking news that the Amazon Best-Seller categories EXPAND.  8 f'in levels deep!

After a few more hours he was getting frustrated. It was too time consuming to keep clicking in and out those categories. And I saw that. So I told him to wait a day while a write a small tool. Several hours later I had a full list of the Amazon Best-Seller categories in a tree structure and asked him to browse it and find something.

Shortly after he found a cooking niche (that shall remain unnamed for the safety of his first site) and  he's already cashing in a couple of hundreds a month as an affiliate marketed combining Amazon and some CJ affiliate programs.

Most difficult Affiliate Marketer challenge:
Finding the right Niche! (even finding a niche)

Most new internet marketers get discouraged and fail because they just can't figure out what to sell. The utterly obvious niches they are inclined to pick are ALWAYS over-saturated and they loose both time and money and confidence and ultimately, their WILL. This is very bad. But finding hidden treasures is rather difficult and time consuming. And it is like this for both Veteran Affiliates and Beginners. The main difference is that Veterans know where to look and have developed patterns while beginners are at a crossroad with a hundred directions and the failure anxiety kicks in. Beginners are also not masters of patience. Veterans have experience and can estimate how long it takes to rank and make sales why beginners keep swimming with no sight of shore and no idea of distance. It's a complicated thing starting out... in anything.

So, may I interest you in a neatly structured tree of almost a quarter million Niches & Micro-Niches?

Sounds good... doesn't it. Do you think you will ever run out of ideas again? No, you won't. You'll have no excuse but to get off your lazy ass and take action. Smack them Niches!

Everybody tells you about niche marketing but nobody makes it easy for you to find those niches. I will tell you why. Because they don't want competition. Seriously... what did you think? If I had an inspirational list of under 1,000 Niches, I would have never shared them, even for large amounts of money.

But I have tens of thousands so I'm pretty confident we shall not collide in your niche affiliate marketer online ventures. I usually think 10 times before releasing something (code, tool or data-set) as I make my decision on the potential to increase competition or load on a shared resource. I only put out stuff that can't hurt me. I'm not a nice guy and I don't want everyone to succeed. Actually, I DO... as long as your success is not overlapping mine. (Have I mentioned I'm an INTP and a blatantly honest one)

So you like the idea. A dataset with so much business potential. Keep reading...

Where do the Niche Lists come from?

Good question. Truth is, I made them up. NOT! Here's the breakdown:

  1. Amazon Niche List is especially fit for online Niche Affiliate Marketers.
    It contains 26,443 Niches and Micro Niches in 33 Categories.
  2. Alibaba Niche List is also fit for offline Niches (running an actual business).
    It contains 211,202 Niches and Micro Niches in 41 Categories.
  3. Google SkTool is the Category List from the former SkTool Keywords Tool by Google.
    It contains 1,086 Niches and Micro Niches in 17 Categories.

These niches don't bind you to their providers. You can and actually MUST use them as inspiration to come up with niche ideas and then you can use Amazon, Clickbank, CJ, LinkShare, LinkSynergy, Pepperjam or many small affiliate opportunities and cash on it. The Niche lists will just give you that Evrika! moment when you find just the right market to dominate.

Then you just have to get busy and take the market over. Rinse and repeat.

I'm almost sold.
I just need to see the goods!

I will give you a demo of the 'goods'. The list of examples of niche markets refreshes daily. You will see the cache date. It's ordered randomly and pulled directly from the databases. Maybe you'll get some ideas. Enjoy:

These are Sections of the Amazon Best-Sellers. They also carry the BrowseNode ID and Amazon Affiliates know how to put the to good use. I will also teach you how to build Amazon links from the data-sets. Developers can use ItemSearch or BrowseNodeInfo to do awesome stuff.

#. Niche Path & Name
1. /Software/Networking/Virtual Private Networks
2. /Books/Comics & Graphic Novels/Cartooning
3. /Industrial & Scientific/Cutting Tools/Router Bits
4. /Magazines/Automotive/Repair
5. /Office Products/Office Electronics/Fax Machines
6. /Automotive/Performance Parts & Accessories/Ignition & Electrical
7. /Video Games/Sony PSP/Matching Games
8. /Kindle Store/Kindle eBooks/Humor
9. /Toys & Games/Games/Game Room Games
10. /Movies & TV/Amazon Instant Video/Horror

Cached @ Thursday, 25 August 2016 20:10:17 GMT.

Categories from the Alibaba site.

#. Niche Path & Name
1. /Hardware Products/Bolt
2. /Electrical Supplies/Battery Pack
3. /Household Goods/Ice Breakers
4. /Furniture & Decoration/Picture Frames
5. /Electrical Supplies/Video Converter
6. /Environmental Protection/Scrap Steel
7. /Industrial Machinery/Packaging Machinery
8. /Food & Beverages/Chocolate
9. /Hardware Products/Locking
10. /Environmental Protection/Wastewater Treatment

Cached @ Thursday, 25 August 2016 03:56:18 GMT.

Google SkTool

Former Google Keywords Tool named SkTool categories.

#. Niche Path & Name
1. /Apparel/Jewelry/Necklaces
2. /Health/Pharmacy/Vitamins & Supplements
3. /Sports & Fitness/Sporting Goods/Cricket Equipment
4. /Food/Household Supplies/Charcoal & Barbecuing Supplies
5. /Apparel/Jewelry/Watches
6. /Food/Beverages & Beverage Information/Alcoholic Beverages & Information
7. /Consumer Electronics/Phone Equipment/Business Phone Systems
8. /Beauty & Personal Care/Face Care/Acne
9. /Consumer Electronics/Home Audio & Video/Speakers
10. /Apparel/Clothing/Socks & Hosiery

Cached @ Thursday, 25 August 2016 03:56:18 GMT.

XML Data Example

Database Snapshot

What do you think? 

Let's rewind! Why do you need this?

This is why:

  1. There's so many info-products regarding niche marketing for online affiliates. And they are rather cheap. Most of them are a bunch of videos recorded by some guy in a few hours that gives you the basics but all are lacking. THEY NEVER GIVE YOU NICHE IDEAS. If they cover a sample niche in they videos, it'll be over-saturated in a blink of an eye. I complement those products with actual niche lists. I give you choices, many but tangible. The theory of niche marketing is easy, practice is less easy but finding the right niche is least easy... if you know what I mean. Every time you ask someone to give you some niche examples, they'll enumerate some over-saturated markets that will set you up for failure if you attempt to dominate them. So large lists for inspiration are crucial.
  2. These date-sets can be used automatically. This product is designed for everyone but developers can really harness the true power of these lists. I write PHP and C++ (native, unmanaged). And I love speed. I can crawl and analyze large lists of niches like this quickly. I can put them to many creative uses. I can even write software to generate full sites for niches. That's why data-sets are worth gold for me. I've learned theory a long time ago, now I just crunch data and these niche lists are great data.
  3. And there's the FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. I take all the risk. I know for a fact that those who can't figure out how to use these lists don't belong in our rather exclusive line of work. Affiliate marketers understand the value of these data-sets. Beginners sense it, Veterans know it... those who don't belong, DON'T!

Dude, you don't use hype. I don't trust you!

I don't use words like elite, secret, incredible, money siphons, automated income streams, untold riches, secret societies, 4 hour work weeks... and such. If that's why you don't trust me, I totally don't mind. Truth is I don't talk Bulls**tish. I speak Pragmatish. I don't manipulate. I trust you'll make the right choice and I don't want have to to play with your mind and lead you to a choice other than yours. I'm a bad salesman but I'm a decent coder ;)

You don't show money screenshots. Seriously! Where's the proof?

I'm LMAO-ing right now. I don't show anything like that because these are data-sets, not tutorials on making money. But I really don't show screenshots because I respect you! And I'm rather good in Photoshop. If you know what I mean...


First let me tell you the internals of the package. You receive three datasets in a wide variety of formats: MySql Dump, XML (flat + deep) and even XLS... and it's all yours for the taking. CAUTIONMake sure you have software to handle the various formats. You will need Microsoft Office or OpenOffice (free) installed to handle XLS. For XML you can write your own analyzer and for the MySql Dump you will need access to a MySQL server and a tool like Navicat or MySql Workbench. Trying to be an affiliate marketer and having none of these tools spells F.A.I.L. They are paramount for information organization. (other formats may be provided on request, if viable)

I also encourage you to look over the Learn More link, at the bottom. I will refer some products (videos) that my brother watched. I don't have the time and I cannot lower myself to a beginner level anymore. I'm a rather bad teacher of the basics (as I consider them natural, known facts to everyone) so I found him some good teachers. Don't buy those if you're a professional. You will forever hate me!

Ok... So, this is how we do it. You purchase the product and wait for an EMail message which should arrive instantly, after the payment completes. You will receive authentication informations by EMail. You then log into your account and you're set to go. If the EMail does not arrive (spam filters can kill legit emails nowadays), please use the PayPal notification EMail and send me a notice and I will manually send you the download information.

Now that we got everything out of our way, click »